Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

//Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

They say that the real nuts an bolts of an average wedding takes 250 hours to plan. That’s not including the fun parts like picking your dress or cake testing. We are talking 250 hours dedicated to choosing your perfect wedding venue, booking the caterers, finding your photographer, the band, the transport, the electricians etc. etc. That’s 250 hours dedicated to pure project management when you could be having a relaxing lunch with friends, designing the final wedding details just for fun or a bit of R&R and pampering. Add to that the stress of organising this across time zones for your destination wedding, and the task can seem super daunting! Enter the Wedding Planner

Sifting through countless venues, caterers, entertainment, photographers when all you really want to do is to go dress shopping and choose your colour schemes!! I’ll stop now, because a wedding planner is a way to ensure you are not overstretched and only handling the planning parts that you enjoy doing. You don’t need to hand over the whole project – just enough to ensure that you are not overstretched.

Having a destination wedding makes a wedding planner even more necessary, especially for choosing the perfect wedding venue. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to think you have found the perfect wedding location but when you get there you find that there’s damp patches, or the photos are outdated and the villa/resort is starting to look shoddy. That fabulous view of the seaview is actually taken from the roof of the venue. Or the venue which is 3kms from the international airport and the noise will drown out the wedding celebrant’s voice.

I believe planning a wedding, especially a destination wedding to be akin to buying a new house. You start off with a fire in your belly and filled with excitement as the first few house details come through. Then the real estate agents send you everything on their books that has a vague resemblance to what you actually want, leaving you to sort through all the dross.

Make Way For The Wedding Planner!

Now, just imagine having an estate agent who actually listens and matches your requirements to the right properties and you only receive the details relevant to you! Wouldn’t that be wonderful and save a whole heap of your time and possibly a rain forest to boot!

Your destination wedding planner will act as your eyes and ears and research and recommend venues which match your ideal of your perfect day. In other words, they will do all the boring research bit leaving you to sit and relax with a coffee, wine or whatever your tipple is, to make your decision. This is a very valuable peace-of-mind!

If you are intending to get married in Thailand, having someone trusted to send you approved resorts and villas that they have personally inspected can be a real God send. Even if you are planning to arrange all the rest of the event yourself, it is worthwhile having a pair of eyes and ears on the ground in Thailand who are impartially going to give you the low down on a wide selection of venues.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue Can Be As Easy As Pie

Don’t leave it to TripAdvisor and the resort sales rep and then get disappointed when you arrive. We are here to help create the perfect day and make choosing the perfect wedding venue as fun as sampling the cake!

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