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Thailand Wedding FAQs2018-12-08T21:28:04+00:00
Shannon & Wayne - Krabi, Thailand

We have created this FAQ page especially for those niggling questions about getting married or having a wedding in Thailand. Our carefully crafted Thailand wedding FAQs answer questions such as, ‘what is the best time of year to get married in Thailand’, or ‘how much does a wedding cost in Thailand’,  and ‘how do I make my marriage in Thailand legal in my own country.’

However, if you don’t find the answer you are looking for then please contact us – we are more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Pippi & Richey

“Sarah was such a great contact to have. From the first email, I felt as though she was really taking in what we were wanting for our wedding”
Are There Any Times Of Year We Can’t Have Our Wedding?2015-07-24T08:36:37+00:00

Christmas and the New Year are peak season so can get very busy, otherwise, no!

When’s The Best Time Of Year To Come?2018-12-08T21:28:06+00:00

We used to say from November until the end of April. However, with global warming it’s becoming trickier to predict climates and unpredictable weather patterns.

How Much Will My Wedding In Thailand Cost?2015-07-24T08:35:05+00:00

Hmmnn, how long is a piece of string? There are SO many variables and options when planning a wedding, it really isn’t possible to answer. As a very, very rough guide; wedding packages for the bridal couple only start at around THB75,000……..but don’t us on that!

In order for us to help you plan your day, we like to get an idea of your budget. This isn’t because we want to spend it all, we want to be able to let you know if you’re budget is realistic. You may find that you have money left over; it’s not in our work ethics to spend your budget on things you do not want

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