Phuket to have a mass weddings this Valentines 2012

//Phuket to have a mass weddings this Valentines 2012

Phuket to have a mass weddings this Valentines 2012

When I heard that Koh Phangnan were going to have mass weddings this Valentines of 19 couples, I was blown away. That is a lot of brides for one ceremony! However, Phuket have out done Koh Phangan by a long way since they already have 108 couples registered and paid up for their mass event this year.

There will be a traditional Thai style ceremony in Phuket for the lucky couples, many of which have come from Taiwan specially for the mass event which they believe will bring them good luck and happiness in their marriage.

Underwater Mass Wedding Too!

Thailand is very fond of Valentines Day and there are many mass weddings held around Thailand each year. On Koh Kradan and down in Trang mass underwater weddings are held and in Bangkok, in the renowned Bang Rak or ‘love district’, couples will queue before dawn to get married at the Municipal offices, hoping to win a marriage prize worth 5000 baht.

If you’re planning a romantic exchange of vows when cupid shoots his arrow in 2013 –  best you get in touch with the wedding planner now!

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