Just recently we posted that Phuket was to hold a mass wedding and news just in, they are aiming for a world record! I’m not sure they will make it since India holds the current world record for number of people at a mass wedding at over a 1,000. Not to be out done by Phuket, Surin in the East of Thailand is hosting  55 couples, Thai’s and westerners to get married on the back of an elephant. (I’m guessing one elephant per couple)

The famous blogger John Barrow has published that this is the 5th year that Surin has hosted mass couples to get married on the back of elephants. In his words, ‘At the memorable wedding experience on the backs of elephants, couples will engage in a local “Gui” style wedding called Sadtae. The participants will receive presents and memoirs along with photographs of their wedding.

Interested couples can still register with the Surin provincial administrative organization, free of charge. They can call the Surin office. More information can be found on their website www.surinpao.org

Thanks for publishing this interesting event Mr Barrow, I think I am less impressed with the number of couples, but totally amazed that there will be 55 beautifully adorned elephants at this amazing Elephant Back Wedding!