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11 tasks before booking your destination wedding

By |2018-12-08T21:28:04+00:00December 27th, 2015|Destination Weddings|

Planning and booking your destination wedding is a huge task, so to set yourself up for success with our 11 tasks before booking your destination wedding. Be smart about what you do first. Whether it’s going to be in the Caribbean, The Maldives, Greece, Thailand, Italy or Fiji, there is a lot of wedding stuff to plan. [...]

Asian wedding traditions you can incorporate into your wedding plans

By |2018-12-08T21:28:04+00:00November 11th, 2015|Wedding Traditions|

There are few cultural events that inspire as many traditions as marriage. Asian wedding traditions are steeped in symbolism and are visually beautiful. Many people want to incorporate traditions from around the world into their wedding, so here we give you a small sample of traditions from five different Asian countries to inspire you! Japan [...]

Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

By |2018-12-08T21:28:06+00:00December 17th, 2012|Wedding Venues in Thailand|

They say that the real nuts an bolts of an average wedding takes 250 hours to plan. That's not including the fun parts like picking your dress or cake testing. We are talking 250 hours dedicated to choosing your perfect wedding venue, booking the caterers, finding your photographer, the band, the transport, the electricians etc. [...]

Honeymoon in Thailand – voted 3rd most popular honeymoon destination

By |2016-01-01T02:54:34+00:00February 19th, 2012|Uncategorized|

US monthly 'Bridal' Magazine ran a survey to find out the most popular honeymoon destinations. Thailand came 3rd for Asia and South Pacific region with 29.6% of the votes - go Thailand! I have lived in Thailand since 2007, and know Thailand to be a first class destination. There are literally no reasons I know [...]

Gay Thai couple break TWO-DAY world record for longest kiss – Valentines marathon

By |2018-12-08T21:28:06+00:00February 15th, 2012|Wedding News|

Nontawat Jaroengsornsinpose and Thanakorn Sittiamthong - became the Guinness World Record holders for the longest continuous kiss ever this Valentines day 2012. They kissed each other for 50 hours, 25 minutes and 1 second straight, and broke the existing 2 day world record for longest kiss ever. Just wow! They beat six other heterosexual couples at an event [...]

Elephant Back Wedding for 55 Couples in Surin on Valentine’s Day

By |2018-12-08T21:28:06+00:00January 7th, 2012|Wedding News|

Just recently we posted that Phuket was to hold a mass wedding and news just in, they are aiming for a world record! I'm not sure they will make it since India holds the current world record for number of people at a mass wedding at over a 1,000. Not to be out done by [...]

Online Wedding Guest List Manager – A Perfect Choice for Global Guests

By |2018-12-08T21:28:06+00:00December 29th, 2011|Wedding Tools|

There are now a huge choice of online wedding websites offering a wide range of wedding invitation designs, many with great personalisation choices and made with real artistic flair. Posting a wedding invitation is a time honoured tradition  but if your guests will be flying into your destination wedding from all over the globe an online [...]

Phuket to have a mass weddings this Valentines 2012

By |2015-10-01T18:03:07+00:00October 30th, 2011|Wedding News|

When I heard that Koh Phangnan were going to have mass weddings this Valentines of 19 couples, I was blown away. That is a lot of brides for one ceremony! However, Phuket have out done Koh Phangan by a long way since they already have 108 couples registered and paid up for their mass event [...]

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