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Why Choose Thailand as Your Wedding Destination

Could it be for the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of Phuket, Krabi and beyond; the rolling, mist capped hills of the north or simply because you love Thailand’s warm and friendly people and their amazing food? Perhaps you just want to keep things uncomplicated and stress free and only invite those you really want to share your special day with; or maybe your dream wedding is just the two of you in a romantic and beautiful location.

When I ask the question “why choose Thailand for your wedding”, many replies are “Our friend’s seemed SO stressed on their wedding seem, they didn’t seem to have the time to relax and enjoy themselves and take in the moment. We just want our wedding day our way. To enjoy it and to keep it simple” If that sounds like you’re kind of wedding day, read on!

Wedding Planning

As your destination wedding planner, we will act as your eyes and ears in Thailand, helping to smooth out the wedding planning process

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Venue Sourcing

This is one of our most popular services as its cost and time efficient both financially and your time

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Wedding Ceremonies

There are many choices of wedding ceremony styles in Thailand leaving you free to choose how to celebrate your commitment to each other.

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Vendor Sourcing

We can help you with all your entertainment and 3rd party vendor sourcing and booking.From make-up artists to photographers

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